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Wishing In Morocco
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Текст песни
There go Kevin Gates
I just lit the sage
I would
June, you're a genius
You're a genius, June
I'm on the road now, canceled all of my soul ties
Remember I used to tell you "I love you", I looked you in both eyes
Wrote you this message from the backseat of a Tahoe (My Tahoe)
How I wish I could be with you in Morocco (In Morocco)
This how it feel alright, when the pen might bust
Outside of God, there's no safe haven for men like us (Men like us)
How I wish I could be with you in Morocco
Wishing in Morocco

I'm elevated, reaching new heights
I'm the Messiah, feeling like Christ
Handle my sins rocking all-white
I'm in a Benz rocking all ice
Say me a prayer, I'm filling the room with the sage, how I'm living my life
Asking the Lord to send me a lil' something who say been gangster all my life
Protect me from my friends, I can take care of who I don't like (Uh huh)
Can't believe this bitch wanna act all innocent playing all in my face
I just hit the reset button, make a departure just how I came
No longer gone, I'm one with my pain
All of my scars come off when it rain (Rain, rain)
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