Young Thug & Meek Mill & T-Shyne
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That Go
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Текст песни
Yeah, this 20 a pill, ran up a check
This Patek baguetty, made twenty more mill'
Drop on the opp, and then jump on the chopper and go to the Hills
My youngins go Call of Duty with that chopper and he wanna kill
Yeah, shitted on a nigga, did it on purpose
I tell my other bitch, "Go with my other bitch"
Just to get my other bitch a new Birkin
Pretty white toes, pussy was perfect
Fuck in the back in the Bach with the curtains
Fuck from the back, and this bitch started squirtin'
No, you didn't get this shit on my Persian
Ooh, go get this bitch a new purse, cool
I drive my car, how I'm feelin'? Shе outta lane, she healin'
Now shе on a plane, she chillin' and she post a pic on the 'Gram, you feel it?
I know that nigga wanna kill it 'cause she in a villa, going HAM with Tequila
Made it my plan to get richer, I pull up, I jump out the Lamb', me and Jigga, woah

Woah, this that go shit (Yeah)
Lil' bitch tryna act smart with me, but she don't know shit (Yeah)
7-Eleven, I bought all the Backwoods, sodas, and Trojans (Yeah)
It's like five hundred bitches at the crib, but we still lettin' more in
Woah, this that go shit (That go shit)
This that stunt on them niggas, might put two watches on both wrists (Let's go)
My trap boomin', these niggas out here ain't havin' no motion (No motion)
Back in the day we was hoppin' in whips and ridin' it stolen
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