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Losing Focus
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Текст песни
Must be the liquor 'cause I, hmm I
I flew a stripper in tonight
And we shared
We shared intimate nights
We shared, oh, stories about life
And wrongs I'm still rightin'
Hmm, hmm
And I know it don't make no sense
No, I don't wanna lose your love
How do we save it?
Girl, I used to be your favorite
'Til I got lost and found me, baby
And I lost focus, I had to locate it
But did you notice, baby?
Na, na-na, na, hmm
Oh na

See I'm losin' all my focus
If you chosin', am I chosen?
Cruisin' in this coke Benz
Soon pickin' up your friends
Give me dirty looks 'cause they know a lot
A hunnid with you, yeah, they know I'm not
I gave her twenty-five not a whole lot
I knеw textin' you would be a long shot
'Cause thеse conversations been bone dry
You know that I've been in my zone, I
I fucked around and made this song, I
I hope you goin' out for a long drive
Listen to me, "Right My Wrongs"
I did wrong, baby, I ain't gon' lie
Long song, don't need a long time
I need a phone line (Phone line)
Should I hit up 3-1-0 or 3-0-5?
She don't know, me oh my
Shoot the addy up, bet I be on time
It's true that he lit like neon sign
But you gettin' lit with hate beyond mine
Cool as it is, you don't need my shine
Took a lotta time just to free my mind

'Cause I got too many thoughts packed
I got too many
Caught lackin' in the coupe with the new boo
I shoulda had the coupe tinted
You the baddest, yeah, the shoe's fittin'
What's that Gucci or a Buscemi?
Got new Dior, three new Fendi
Yes, I'm foolish, I'm provin' it with a GG
Now that's a guilt gift
Lookin' at the hands that I built with
And I'm thinking 'bout the things that I will fix
And I know you gotta heal just a little bit, but I will fix it
Tourin', all we needed was a little stitchin'
When I got money, shoulda been chill with it
Instead, I act dummy, ventriloquist
I know it's wack honey, got me feelin' sick
Must be the Jack Honey
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