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Just the Intro
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Текст песни
Bitch, it's in that dump, bitch, it's in that dump
Piled up, gotta keep that bandana tied up
Whip a dirty lambo out that parkin' lot
Graffiti on the seat because she bleeding, I don't give a fuck, I'm greedy
I don't give you truth not worth believing
Chop the top off of that whip 'cause I don't give a roof a ceiling
Bottles of that brew until it's suds
Throw that bitch into the crowd, watch the socket come unplugged
(Throw hands) Throw hands in the pit
Baby boy is on his shit, tall cans and the fifth, yeah
Forty ounce and the fifth, that's in our rhythm
Forty now and gettin' rich, baby, how you feelin'?
Told you I'd be Willie Nelson of this rappin' shit
Forget my verses and won't play none of my classic hits
You shoulda been there when I cared about what people thought
I been dumpin', it don't matter how much wеight they bought
Talk, Yelawolf is iconic
Blacksheep, white boys, it ain't nothin' but ironic
Ironic, I brought it, I rock it
Caught thе wave like I was silver surfin' Milky Way's comets
Milky Way with the silky wave droppin', that's
Slick Ricky Bobby on the song and that's
Quick, bitch, go get ya boy some prophylac'
'tics, 'cause I'm only fuckin' beats raw
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