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Change You
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Текст песни
I grew up too fast, ahead of these niggas (Ahead of these niggas)
Too smooth for the bitches, keep quiet with the business (Shh)
Too big for the vision (Yeah)
No paper, I was pinching (Yeah)
No talkin', I was learning
Two ways, how we living
My mans caught a case
In silent, know I miss him (Know that)
I'm staring at yo' picture, still playing with these bitches (Yeah, yeah)
(Know that)
But choose the money first, rap and trappin' don't mix (Mm-mm)
You the one who told me that (You the one who told me)
But shit all we know is that (You the one who told me)
All I know is my nеw piece is just like watеr, like my zodiac
If you ever catch me out, it's a pole attached (It's on me)
Po' a cup, I got too attached
I heard niggas slidin' down y'all block shootin', y'all ain't shootin' back (I heard)
I gotta get it 'cause most my niggas moving bad
They think I should get the money, buy us stupid crack
My youngins' stuck in the slums, stay low and run this shit up (Run this shit up)
My nigga gave me a plug, and I can't' thank him enough (For real)
I was thinkin' bout somethin', I started thinkin' bout us (Thinkin' bout us)
Changed a nigga forever, I thought that shit was forever (For real)
You said I was immature and you want bigger and better
I had to fight through the pain, now I'm bigger than ever (Look)
I just hopped on a plane, in a Saint Laurent sweater
And that bitch so simple, but it cost eight-hundred (Eight-hundred)
I'm a boss, they runners
I don't talk bout nothin' (I don't talk bout nothin')
First class to the Bay, just to top all numbers
Shit I flunked my classes, I done worked all summer (Worked all summer)
Whoever watch my page, I know it hurt y'all stomach
And the shit I display, real life, y'all frontin'
Dirty Sprite, dirty Sprite, treat it like my woman
I told 'em I'm one call away
Now they call for anything and I don't answer, I'm fake (Mm-mm)
I can't remember the last time a nigga ask me "I'm straight?" (Can't remember)
Money rule the world, I got cash so I'm straight
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