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Текст песни
Yeah, yeah
Cartel boss
They say a bitch nigga tryna take mine, put his brake line on a flat
Came through the pipeline on the grapevine, I'm a lifeline, that's a fact
I check her mouth out with a flashlight, search a nightgown with a strap
She might just eat dick with a razor in her mouth, bite down on the back (Woo)
Might put some Visine in your drink, while you sleep, rip you out a couple racks
I'll get you tied up, make you watch a real killer, hit your wife from the back
Know where your crib at, get your kids snatched, big Brasi, I'ma get you whacked
Don't know the whereabouts of my warehouse, 'bout to put his face in a jam

Yeah, yeah, I live every day like my last, I wasn't 'posed to be here
Yeah, yeah, I heard there's a bag on my head, that's why I'm posted in here
Yeah, yeah, ain't gotta go in the stash, know I'm controllin' in here
Yeah, yeah, I go everywhere by myself, so you might not notice the kid
Big hitta for the cartel
Big hitta for the cartel
Big hitta for the cartel
Big hitta for the cartel
Big hitta for the cartel
Big hitta for the cartel
Big hitta for the cartel
Big hitta for the cartel
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